Apple Beats Expectations with Record Share Buyback Program

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Key Points:

  • Apple announced a record share buyback program and a 4% increase in cash dividends, surpassing analyst estimates for fiscal second-quarter revenue.
  • Apple anticipates low-single-digit revenue growth for the current quarter. Greater China sales outperform analyst expectations, reaching $16.37 billion.
  • Quarterly earnings per share exceed Wall Street estimates, while sales in the services segment surpass analyst expectations.
  • Mac sales experience growth driven by the new MacBook Air, but sales in the iPad and wearables segments fall short of estimates.

Apple Inc. (AAPL.O) exceeded modest expectations in its quarterly results and forecast, announcing a record share buyback program that propelled its stock by 6% in extended trade. Despite a 10% decline in iPhone sales, Apple’s quarterly revenue fell less than anticipated. CEO Tim Cook expressed optimism about revenue growth returning in the current quarter.

The surge in Apple’s shares following the report resulted in a stock market value increase of over $160 billion. Apple’s fiscal second-quarter revenue of $90.8 billion outperformed analysts’ estimates of $90.01 billion. For the current quarter ending in June, Apple anticipates low-single-digit revenue growth, contrary to Wall Street’s expectation of 1.33% growth to $82.89 billion.

The company’s decision to authorize an additional share buyback program worth $110 billion, alongside a 4% increase in cash dividends, marked the largest buyback in Apple’s history. Despite challenges such as weak iPhone demand and regulatory pressures, Apple expects double-digit services and iPad revenue growth for the current quarter, with gross margins projected between 45.5% and 46.5%.

While facing competition from smartphone rivals like Samsung and regulatory scrutiny over its services business, particularly the App Store, Apple remains confident in its product offerings. Despite a 10.5% decline in iPhone sales, Apple experienced growth in certain markets, including China. Greater China’s fiscal second-quarter sales amounted to $16.37 billion, surpassing analyst expectations.

Apple’s investment in research and development, totaling over $100 billion in the past five years, underscores its commitment to innovation. The company is bullish about its opportunities in generative AI, with plans to unveil exciting developments later this year.

The quarterly earnings per share stood at $1.53, exceeding Wall Street estimates of $1.50. Sales in the services segment, including Apple Music and TV offerings, surpassed analyst expectations.

Mac sales grew to $7.5 billion, driven by the success of the new MacBook Air featuring the M3 chip. However, sales in the iPad and wearables segments fell short of analyst estimates. Apple’s quarterly results demonstrate resilience and strategic investment, with the record share buyback program signaling confidence in the company’s prospects.

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