Apple Engages in Talks with News Outlets for Licensing Archives in AI Development

Apple Engages in Talks with News Outlets for Licensing Archives in AI Development

Apple is reportedly negotiating with major news and publishing organizations to secure permission to use their content to develop generative artificial intelligence (AI) systems, as the New York Times reported on Friday.

The iPhone maker is said to have proposed multiyear deals valued at a minimum of $50 million to license news archives. Publishers approached by Apple include Condé Nast (publisher of Vogue and the New Yorker), NBC News, and IAC (owner of People, the Daily Beast, and Better Homes and Gardens).

According to sources familiar with the discussions, Apple aims to leverage the vast data in news articles to enhance its generative AI capabilities. The technology has become a focal point for major tech companies, and Apple has been actively integrating generative AI to enhance functions in its latest devices.

In October, the company introduced new MacBook Pro and iMac computers and three new chips designed to power them. Apple highlighted the potential use of these chips by artificial intelligence researchers, emphasizing their ability to accommodate the memory requirements of AI applications.

While Apple’s move into the news licensing arena may signal an expansion of its AI capabilities, some of the publishers approached have reportedly shown lukewarm responses to the proposal. The New York Times suggests that news organizations evaluate the terms and implications of such agreements. As technology companies increasingly invest in AI development, collaborations with media outlets could offer access to extensive datasets that fuel the training of generative AI models.

Apple’s interest in licensing news archives underscores the growing importance of AI in shaping future technologies and applications. The company, known for its focus on user privacy, has been exploring ways to enhance its products with AI advancements without compromising data security.

As discussions with news organizations continue, the outcome of these negotiations could have implications for the landscape of AI-driven innovation and the convergence of technology and media sectors. As of now, Apple has not officially commented on the reported negotiations with news and publishing organizations.

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