SK Ecoplant and Therme Group Join Forces to Develop Luxurious Resort and Spa in Incheon

SK Ecoplant and Therme Group Join Forces to Develop Luxurious Resort and Spa in Incheon

Key Points:

  • SK Ecoplant collaborates with Therme Group to develop a luxury resort and spa in Incheon, South Korea.
  • The Songdo project will cover 99,000 square meters and include a luxurious spa and waterpark, with an estimated cost of 700 billion won ($530 million).
  • The collaboration facilitates a technology exchange, incorporating SK Ecoplant’s advanced solutions and Therme Group’s expertise into each other’s projects.
  • The partnership aims to bring Therme Group’s unique wellness concept to South Korea, enhancing the country’s wellness and hospitality offerings.

SK Ecoplant, a South Korean energy and environmental solutions provider, has partnered strategically with the globally renowned wellness company Therme Group to collaboratively develop a resort and spa in Incheon, Gyeonggi Province. This collaboration was formalized during a memorandum of understanding signing ceremony at SK Ecoplant’s headquarters in Seoul, attended by SK Ecoplant CEO Park Kyung-il and Therme Group Chair Robert Hanea.

Therme Group, based in Austria, is well-known for its innovative wellness resorts that feature lush greenery housed under vast glass domes. Currently operating in Germany and Romania, the group has additional projects in the pipeline for the UK and Canada. The partnership aims to bring this unique wellness concept to South Korea, with the Songdo project spanning over 99,000 square meters and boasting a luxurious spa and waterpark. The estimated cost for this venture is 700 billion won ($530 million).

As part of the agreement, Therme Group Korea will lead the design and operation of the project, leveraging its expertise in creating immersive wellness experiences. SK Ecoplant will contribute to the construction and offer design support, including permit acquisition.

The collaboration goes beyond the resort and spa development and paves the way for a technology exchange. SK Ecoplant will integrate its advanced solutions, including water treatment and fuel cells, into Therme Group’s smart city project, Therme City, in Romania. In return, Therme Group will share its expertise in air and water filtration and heat exchange, enhancing the overall sustainability and efficiency of the projects.

SK Ecoplant CEO Park Kyung-il commented, “This collaboration strengthens our relationship with Therme Group and sets the stage for shared success in international markets.” The partnership signifies a mutual commitment to delivering world-class wellness experiences while incorporating cutting-edge technologies for environmental sustainability.

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