APR Prepares for IPO Amid Success in Beauty Tech Market

APR Prepares for IPO Amid Success in Beauty Tech Market

Key Points:

  • APR prepares for IPO, leveraging advanced skincare technologies and successful product brands.
  • Flagship beauty device brand Medicube AGE-R leads the market with over 1.68 million units sold globally.
  • APR’s financial performance reflects steady growth, with overseas earnings contributing significantly to revenue.
  • IPO offering of 379,000 stocks is expected to drive further growth, with estimated market capitalization reaching 1.5 trillion won.

APR, a prominent Korean company renowned for integrating technology and beauty products, is gearing up for an initial public offering (IPO) while leveraging its advanced skincare devices and cosmetics technologies to expand its reach domestically and internationally.

The company aims to enhance its market presence through its flagship beauty device brand, Medicube AGE-R, which has garnered significant success since its launch in 2021. With over 1.68 million devices sold globally, including those addressing issues like sagging facial muscles and eyelid wrinkles, Medicube AGE-R has emerged as a frontrunner in the industry.

CEO Kim Byung-hoon outlined plans for market expansion of home beauty devices under the Medicube brand, particularly in the United States and Southeast Asia. APR also boasts other successful beauty, cosmetic, and nutritional supplement brands such as Aprilskin, Forment, Glam.D, and fashion brand Nerdy. Kim emphasized APR’s growing international presence, with a substantial customer base outside Korea. Major markets include the United States, Japan, and China, with overseas earnings contributing over 37 percent of total revenue in the third quarter of last year.

Kim Byung-hoon said, “Out of 5 million customers with memberships for our brands’ online platforms, 36 percent of them are from outside the country.” He added, “Our goal is to create an unbeatable capability gap in the global beauty tech industry and become a global leader.”

APR’s impressive financial performance reflects its steady growth trajectory, with sales surpassing 100 billion won in 2018 and reaching over 372 billion in the third quarter of last year. The company is poised for further expansion by constructing a new Pyeongtaek facility to bolster its supply capacity for beauty devices.

The upcoming IPO, offering 379,000 stocks, is anticipated to propel APR’s growth trajectory further. With an expected offering price range of 147,000 won to 200,000 won per share, the company’s market capitalization is estimated to reach 1.5 trillion won, signaling confidence in APR’s prospects and market position in the beauty tech industry.

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