China Asserts Technological Progress Despite Export Restrictions, Calls for Cooperation with Netherlands

China Asserts Technological Progress Despite Export Restrictions, Calls for Cooperation with Netherlands

Key Points:

  • President Xi Jinping asserts China’s unstoppable technological progress during talks with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte.
  • Strained relations between China and the Netherlands stem from joint actions with the U.S. to restrict advanced chip technology exports.
  • Dutch tech giant ASML faces export restrictions on crucial EUV lithography machines essential for chip manufacturing.
  • Both leaders reject decoupling policies and emphasize the importance of mutual dialogue and fair business environments.

Chinese President Xi Jinping emphasized the unstoppable nature of China’s technological advancement during a meeting with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte in Beijing. The discussions focused on critical sectors, such as the semiconductor industry, amidst strained relations between the two countries.

According to reports from Xinhua News Agency, President Xi reiterated China’s legitimate right to technological development, asserting that no external force could impede the nation’s scientific progress. He emphasized China’s commitment to a win-win approach in international relations.

Tensions between China and the Netherlands escalated following joint actions with the United States to block the export of advanced chip technology to China, citing concerns over potential military applications. The restrictions notably affected Dutch tech giant ASML, which has been prevented from exporting crucial extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUV) machines to China.

EUV lithography machines are vital for chip manufacturing and are utilized by leading semiconductor companies like Taiwan’s TSMC to produce cutting-edge chips. Despite ASML’s unique capability in manufacturing such machines, no shipments have been made to China thus far.

In response to export restrictions, Beijing criticized the Dutch government’s actions, urging adherence to objective and fair market principles to protect mutual interests. President Xi emphasized the importance of cooperation over division and confrontation, rejecting decoupling and emphasizing the necessity of maintaining industrial and supply chain connectivity.

President Xi expressed China’s readiness to continue dialogue with the Netherlands, calling for a fair and transparent business environment for Chinese enterprises. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Rutte reassured that export restrictions related to the semiconductor industry aim to limit impacts and are not targeted at any specific country.

Both leaders emphasized the mutual interest in avoiding decoupling policies, as actions undermining China’s development interests could have counterproductive effects. The discussions underscored the significance of cooperation in navigating technological challenges and maintaining international economic interconnectedness.

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