China Criticizes U.S. Semiconductor Export Rules, Warns of Increased Trade Hurdles

China Criticizes U.S. Semiconductor Export Rules, Warns of Increased Trade Hurdles

Key Points:

  • China criticizes the U.S. for tightening semiconductor export rules, citing increased trade hurdles and heightened uncertainty in the chip industry.
  • The Biden administration’s revisions are part of efforts to restrict China’s access to U.S. AI chips and chipmaking tools due to national security concerns.
  • China’s Commerce Ministry spokesperson denounces the U.S. actions, emphasizing their adverse impact on trade cooperation and legitimate interests.
  • China expresses willingness to collaborate with all parties to bolster cooperation and safeguard the global semiconductor industry and supply chain.

China has expressed strong disapproval of the United States’ recent tightening of rules on semiconductor exports, denouncing the move for creating additional barriers to trade and heightening uncertainty within the chip industry.

The Biden administration’s recent regulatory revisions aim to restrict China’s access to U.S. artificial intelligence chips and chipmaking tools, which have drawn sharp criticism from Beijing. Due to national security apprehensions, these measures form part of a broader strategy to constrain Beijing’s chipmaking capabilities.

A spokesperson from China’s Commerce Ministry rebuked the U.S., stating that the expansion of the national security concept, arbitrary rule revisions, and heightened control measures have intensified trade impediments and introduced significant unpredictability into the global semiconductor industry. The spokesperson emphasized that these actions have placed a heavier compliance burden on Chinese and American companies seeking to engage in normal economic and trade activities, thus undermining their legitimate rights and interests.

Responding to inquiries from reporters, the spokesperson underscored that the U.S. measures profoundly impact mutually beneficial cooperation between Chinese and foreign enterprises, damaging their rights and interests. China vehemently opposes these actions and stands firm in its resolve to resist them.

The U.S. regulations, implemented in October last year, restrict exports, affecting prominent companies such as Nvidia and AMD, which have been caught in the crossfire of the ongoing dispute. To mitigate the fallout, China has expressed readiness to collaborate with all relevant parties to reinforce mutually beneficial cooperation and enhance the security and stability of the global semiconductor industry and its supply chain.

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