Ford Motor Reports 2023 Sales Growth in U.S. Amid Industry Challenges

Ford Motor Reports 2023 Sales Growth in U.S. Amid Industry Challenges

In a year marked by formidable challenges, Ford Motor showcased resilience, reporting a 7.1% increase in U.S. sales, reaching nearly 2 million vehicles in 2023. While this marks the automaker’s best performance since 2020, it falls slightly behind the broader industry’s growth trend.

Despite facing hurdles such as a labor strike and supply chain issues, Ford secured the third position in overall U.S. sales, trailing behind industry giants Toyota Motor and General Motors. Ford’s CEO, Jim Farley, credited the company’s success to an impressive lineup encompassing gas, electric, and hybrid vehicles, coupled with the dedication of its dealer network. Farley stated, “In a year of challenges, our amazing lineup of vehicles and our fantastic dealers delivered solid growth and momentum. We have the products that customers want.”

A notable highlight was Ford’s electric vehicle (EV) segment, with sales totaling 72,608 for the year—an 18% increase from 2022. The fourth quarter, in particular, witnessed a significant boost, with nearly 26,000 EVs sold. Despite recent price adjustments, the electric F-150 Lightning pickup saw a remarkable 74% surge in sales during the last quarter. The Mustang Mach-E, launched in 2021, achieved its best annual sales tally in 2023. Hybrid vehicles also contributed to Ford’s success, recording a 25% increase in sales for the full year compared to 2022. The fourth quarter saw an even more impressive uptick, with hybrid sales rising by 55%.

However, Ford’s overall 2023 sales fell short of the industry’s robust performance. According to auto data firm Motor Intelligence, industry-wide sales surpassed 15.6 million vehicles—a 12.3% increase from 2022 and the segment’s most robust performance since 2019, when over 17 million vehicles were sold.

Despite this, Ford’s iconic F-Series maintained its stronghold, clinching the title of America’s best-selling truck for the 47th consecutive year and the best-selling vehicle overall for the 42nd consecutive year. The F-Series witnessed a commendable sales figure of over 750,000 units in 2023, marking a 15% increase compared to the previous year. Ford’s consistent dominance in the truck segment underscores its enduring popularity and market strength.

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