Hanwha Aerospace to Spin Off the Semiconductor and Surveillance Units, Focusing on the Defence Division

Hanwha Aerospace to Spin Off the Semiconductor and Surveillance Units, Focusing on the Defence Division

Key Points:

  • Hanwha Aerospace will spin off semiconductor equipment and video surveillance businesses to focus on the defense division.
  • The strategic move aims to streamline operations. The spin-off is expected to address valuation challenges and facilitate growth in the defense sector.
  • Hanwha Aerospace is committed to advancing the defense business and leveraging partnerships and strategic acquisitions.
  • Restructuring is needed to enhance the governance structure and support succession planning within the conglomerate.

Hanwha Aerospace, a leading South Korean conglomerate, announced on Friday its decision to spin off its semiconductor equipment and video surveillance businesses. This strategic move aims to streamline operations and sharpen focus on its flagship defense division, aligning with the company’s growth objectives and market demands. The announcement of the spin-off plan led to an 8% decline in Hanwha Aerospace’s share price in morning trade.

The plan involves spinning off Hanwha Precision Machinery, the chip equipment maker, and Hanwha Vision, the surveillance camera maker. These units will merge to form a new industrial solutions company, estimated to be valued at approximately $1.48 billion. Meanwhile, the defense business, which includes partnerships with Hanwha Ocean and Hanwha Systems, is estimated to be worth $10 billion.

Hanwha Aerospace highlighted that this restructuring would help overcome valuation challenges stemming from the mix of defense and non-defense businesses. Hanwha Precision Machinery’s high-growth chip equipment business is expected to benefit from the solid cash flow generated by Hanwha Vision. This synergy will support developing equipment for high-bandwidth memory (HBM) chips in artificial intelligence (AI) chipsets.

The company reaffirmed its commitment to advancing its defense business across the land, sea, air, and space domains. Notably, Hanwha Aerospace has been integral to South Korea’s aspirations to become the world’s fourth-largest defense exporter by 2027, with significant deals such as the agreement with Poland to deliver weapons, including K9 howitzers.

The spin-off is expected to facilitate Hanwha Aerospace’s pursuit of growth strategies in the defense sector. It will also enhance the conglomerate’s governance structure, providing a smoother transition for the heirs of the current chairman.

Additionally, Hanwha Aerospace is actively expanding its defense portfolio, with Hanwha Ocean’s efforts to acquire Australian shipbuilder Austal, renowned for its contracts with the U.S. Navy. This strategic alignment underscores the conglomerate’s commitment to strengthening its presence in the global defense market.

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