HarmonyOS Next to Exclude Android App Support, Huawei Embraces Independence

HarmonyOS Next to Exclude Android App Support, Huawei Embraces Independence

In a strategic move to reinforce its proprietary software ecosystem, Huawei Technologies is set to exclude support for Android apps on its upcoming HarmonyOS Next platform, as domestic financial media Caixin reported.

Huawei introduced its Harmony operating system in 2019, aiming to reduce reliance on external platforms after U.S. restrictions severed its access to Google’s technical support for Android.

The company initially allowed compatibility with Android apps on earlier Harmony versions. Still, the latest iteration will break away from this support, signaling a commitment to a fully independent software environment. Despite inquiries, Huawei has not provided official comments on this development.

In August of the previous year, Huawei made an unexpected entry into the high-end smartphone market with the launch of the Mate60 series, powered by domestically developed chipsets. This move was seen as Huawei’s resurgence after grappling with U.S. sanctions for an extended period.

Huawei’s internal communication last month conveyed optimistic expectations for 2023, anticipating revenue to surpass 700 billion yuan ($97.3 billion), reflecting a 9% year-on-year growth. The company’s strategy to prioritize HarmonyOS Next without Android app compatibility underscores its commitment to fostering an independent and robust software ecosystem, aligning with its long-term vision for technological self-reliance.

As Huawei navigates challenging global circumstances, this shift reflects its determination to carve a unique path and reduce dependence on external software elements. The success of HarmonyOS Next will likely play a pivotal role in shaping Huawei’s future trajectory in the highly competitive tech landscape.

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