Korean Mobile Carriers Target AI Leadership at MWC Barcelona 2024

Korean Mobile Carriers Target AI Leadership at MWC Barcelona 2024

Key Points:

  • SK Telecom (SKT), KT, and LG Uplus are gearing up to showcase advancements in AI at MWC Barcelona 2024.
  • SKT plans to present its Large Language Model (LLM) for mobile technologies, featuring AI-based solutions.
  • KT will open an exhibition booth to demonstrate services utilizing LLM and AI-based urban air mobility (UAM) management.
  • LG Uplus, not exhibiting this year, will send executives to seek global partners for its AI business.

South Korea’s major mobile carriers—SK Telecom (SKT), KT, and LG Uplus—are gearing up to showcase their advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) at MWC Barcelona 2024, a prominent telecommunications technology convention held from February 26 to 29. With a focus on outpacing rivals in the AI sector, the carriers aim to present cutting-edge AI technologies and seek global partnerships during the event.

SK Telecom (SKT) plans to highlight its Large Language Model (LLM) dedicated to mobile technologies. The SK Group affiliate will introduce a range of AI-based solutions, including a chatbot-based virtual agent, an AI-powered spam filter, an AI call center, visions for an AI quantum camera, and an AI-based analysis of a floating population.

SKT, a member of the Global Telco AI Alliance, will use the platform to foster collaboration with global partners in the AI sector. SK Group Chairman Chey Tae-won is expected to support SKT’s endeavors by attending the trade show.

KT will open an exhibition booth to showcase services leveraging its LLM and AI-based management of urban air mobility (UAM). KT CEO Kim Young-shub, also a board member of GSMA (the organizer of MWC), will be present to emphasize next-generation digital innovation in AI, UAM, and future network technologies.

LG Uplus, while not setting up an exhibition booth this year, will send CEO Hwang Hyeon-sik and multiple senior executives to the event. The LG Group affiliate, absent from MWC since LG Electronics’ smartphone business shutdown in 2021, aims to seek global partners for its AI business during the event.

The executives from LG Uplus plan to leverage MWC to understand the latest trends in the global telecommunications industry, AI, and ICT technologies. With a focus on strengthening international partnerships, LG Uplus seeks to uncover growth opportunities through collaborations and knowledge-sharing.

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