Researchers explore the Health Benefits of Resistant Starch and Its Relationship with Food Processing

Researchers explore the Health Benefits of Resistant Starch and Its Relationship with Food Processing

Key Points:

  • Resistant starch (RS) offers health benefits similar to dietary fibers; Global RS intake is low, highlighting the need for research into food processing methods.
  • Food processing techniques significantly influence RS content, with factors like crop selection, cooking methods, and storage conditions playing crucial roles.
  • Clinical evidence suggests RS intake is associated with improved gastrointestinal health, reduced glycemic response, and favorable changes in gut microbiota.
  • Optimal food processing techniques, including breeding methods and fermentation conditions, can enhance RS content in foods.

A recent review published in Frontiers in Nutrition delves into the health benefits of resistant starch (RS) and the impact of food processing methods on its retention in plant-based foods. The review emphasizes the urgent need to explore techniques to maintain or increase RS content in foods to leverage its health advantages more effectively, drawing from clinical evidence and observational studies from 2010 to 2023

Carbohydrates, particularly starch, are crucial in diet energy regulation and glucose management. However, not all starches are created equal, with resistant starch evading digestion and offering benefits similar to dietary fibers. Despite dietary recommendations advocating for increased fiber intake to reduce chronic disease risks, global RS intake remains low, highlighting a significant dietary gap that needs to be addressed.

The review categorizes RS into five types, each with unique properties and sources, ranging from whole grains to retrograded starch formed during cooking and cooling processes. Food processing methods significantly influence RS content in foods, with factors such as crop selection, cooking techniques, and storage conditions playing crucial roles. For instance, breeding techniques that increase the amylose content of starches can lead to higher RS levels, while milling processes can reduce RS content by breaking down starch’s crystalline structure.

Cooking methods, such as microwave cooking and heat-moisture treatments, can influence RS content, carefully control heating parameters, and optimize RS levels. Post-cooking cooling and storage, particularly refrigeration, can further enhance RS content, offering practical strategies to increase RS availability in foods like rice and bread. Fermentation conditions also play a key role, with specific microbial strains contributing to increased RS levels in fermented foods like sourdough bread.

Clinical evidence suggests that RS intake is associated with several health benefits, including improved gastrointestinal health, reduced glycemic response, and favorable changes in gut microbiota composition. Additionally, RS consumption has been linked to lower inflammation levels and improved antioxidant capacity.

The review underscores the importance of optimizing food processing techniques to enhance Resistant Starch content in foods, ultimately contributing to better health outcomes. Further research is needed to develop nutritional recommendations and food products rich in RS, thereby improving public health strategies.

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