Saudi Arabia Announces Plans for Dragon Ball Theme Park, Drawing Mixed Reactions

Saudi Arabia Announces Plans for Dragon Ball Theme Park, Drawing Mixed Reactions

Key Points:

  • Saudi Arabia announces plans to build the world’s first Dragon Ball theme park, featuring a 70-meter dragon and over 30 rides.
  • The project is part of Saudi Arabia’s diversification efforts and a collaboration between QIC and Toei Animation.
  • While some fans welcome the news, others raise concerns about Saudi Arabia’s human rights record and treatment of marginalized groups.
  • Dragon Ball, a globally renowned franchise, continues to captivate audiences with its iconic characters and storytelling.

Saudi Arabia has announced ambitious plans to construct the world’s first theme park based on the popular Japanese animated series Dragon Ball. The project, featuring a towering 70-meter dragon at its core and over 30 exhilarating rides, has generated excitement and criticism among fans.

The theme park, envisioned by the Qiddiya Investment Company (QIC) in collaboration with Toei Animation, the Japanese producer of Dragon Ball, is slated to cover more than half a million square meters. Among its attractions, the park will boast a roller coaster modeled after Shenron, the wish-granting dragon central to the franchise.

While many Dragon Ball enthusiasts have welcomed the announcement, others have expressed reservations regarding the choice of location. Saudi Arabia’s human rights record, treatment of women, and stance on LGBTQ+ rights have sparked concerns among some fans, prompting scrutiny of the decision to establish the attraction in the kingdom.

Qiddiya, situated near Riyadh, is a key component of Saudi Arabia’s efforts to diversify its economy from oil dependence. As part of a long-term strategic partnership, the theme park represents a significant venture into the entertainment and tourism sector.

The news of the theme park’s development comes shortly after the passing of Dragon Ball’s creator, Akira Toriyama, on March 1st, at the age of 68. While fans worldwide mourned Toriyama’s death, paying homage to his legacy, the decision to build a theme park in his creation’s honor has sparked renewed interest in his iconic characters and storytelling.

Dragon Ball, which debuted in 1984, follows the adventures of Son Goku as he embarks on a quest to collect mystical dragon balls that grant extraordinary powers. Renowned for its influence and widespread popularity, the series has captivated audiences globally, becoming one of the best-selling and most influential Japanese comics ever.

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