South Koreans Lead Global YouTube Mobile Usage with Over 40 Hours Monthly

South Koreans Lead Global YouTube Mobile Usage with Over 40 Hours Monthly

Key Points:

  • South Koreans spend an average of over 40 hours per month on YouTube’s mobile app, surpassing global averages.
  • YouTube’s mobile usage in South Korea has more than doubled since January 2019, reaching 111.9 billion minutes in January.
  • Statista’s report highlights South Korea’s leading position in YouTube mobile usage, with an average of 44.89 hours per month in 2023.
  • YouTube has overtaken Kakao Talk to become the most popular mobile app in South Korea, with 45.65 million monthly active users.

According to a recent report, South Koreans are setting a new standard for YouTube mobile usage, spending an average of over 40 hours per month on the platform. The popularity of YouTube’s mobile app in South Korea surpasses that of any other country globally, reflecting a significant shift in consumer behavior towards online video consumption.

Market analysis firm Wiseapp/Retail/Goods conducted a study on South Koreans’ app usage via Android and iOS mobile operating systems, revealing that users collectively spent 111.9 billion minutes on YouTube in January. This marks a substantial increase from 51.9 billion minutes in January 2019.

With an estimated 46.63 million users of YouTube’s mobile app in South Korea, the average monthly usage per user has surpassed 40 hours for the first time. This surge in usage represents a significant jump from 21 hours in January 2019, highlighting the growing reliance on YouTube as a primary source of online entertainment and information.

Statista’s report further confirms South Korea’s dominance in YouTube mobile usage, revealing that South Koreans spent an average of 44.89 hours per month on the platform in 2023, the highest globally. This data underscores the platform’s widespread popularity and influence within the country’s digital landscape.

YouTube’s ascent to become the most popular mobile app in South Korea is evident, surpassing the long-standing dominance of mobile messenger Kakao Talk. According to Mobile Index, YouTube recorded 45.65 million monthly active users in December, surpassing KakaoTalk for the first time.

A study by the Korea Press Foundation sheds light on the demographics driving YouTube’s popularity, revealing that children aged three to nine predominantly use smartphones to watch videos. Approximately 70.3% of surveyed children reported using mobile devices to access video platforms like YouTube and Netflix. However, concerns arise regarding excessive screen time, with children aged three to four exceeding the World Health Organization’s recommended limits by over threefold.

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