SpaceX Gains FCC Approval for In-Motion Starlink Dishes

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Key Points

  • SpaceX received an FCC license to operate the “V4” and upcoming “mini” Starlink dishes on moving vehicles, aircraft, and vessels.
  • Dish Network opposed the license, citing radio interference concerns, but SpaceX countered that dish was rehashing old arguments.
  • SpaceX has signed deals to install Starlink on over 200 cruise ships and offers in-motion use for vehicles like RVs.
  • The new license enhances Starlink’s utility for various mobile applications, advancing SpaceX’s global satellite internet access goal.

After a prolonged wait, SpaceX has secured an FCC license to operate its new “V4” Starlink dish and the forthcoming “mini” dish model on moving cars, ships, and planes. In September, the FCC initially granted SpaceX a license for these next-generation dishes but limited their use to fixed positions. Recently, the US regulator expanded this authorization, allowing the new dishes to be used onboard aircraft, vessels, and mounted vehicles.

The approval follows opposition from Dish Network, which urged the FCC to deny SpaceX’s request for “in motion” use due to concerns over potential radio interference. SpaceX countered, accusing Dish Network of rehashing old arguments to hinder its competitor’s progress. This argument stems from the FCC’s 2022 decision permitting SpaceX to use the Starlink dishes on moving vehicles, which Dish Network had previously contested.

With this new license, SpaceX can now broaden its next-generation Starlink equipment market in the US. The V4 dish has already replaced the older model for residential users, and the mini Starlink dish, designed for portable satellite internet access, is expected to launch later this year. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk hinted that the company might have delayed the mini dish’s release pending FCC approval for in-motion use.

SpaceX has been actively signing agreements to install Starlink equipment on commercial planes and cruise ships in preparation for this expanded authorization. Last week, the company announced that over 200 cruise ships have been outfitted with Starlink. Additionally, SpaceX offers Starlink for in-motion use in vehicles like RVs, provided users have a flat high-performance dish.

The new FCC license clears the way for wider adoption of SpaceX’s Starlink technology and enhances its utility for various mobile applications. This development represents a significant step forward in SpaceX’s mission to provide reliable satellite internet access globally, regardless of location.

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