Tech Giants Race to Comply with EU Digital Markets Act Amid Regulatory Scrutiny

Tech Giants Race to Comply with EU Digital Markets Act Amid Regulatory Scrutiny

Key Points:

  • Major tech companies, including Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Meta, and ByteDance, strive to comply with the EU’s DMA before the Thursday deadline.
  • Meta’s data-sharing consent announcement and Microsoft, Amazon, and ByteDance may face less immediate scrutiny as regulators focus on specific cases.
  • Concerns have been raised by some of the big six companies regarding the fairness of playing by DMA rules while rivals may not comply.
  • Failure to comply with EU Digital Markets Act regulations could result in investigations and fines of up to 10% of the tech giant’s global turnover.

Major tech players, including Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Meta, and ByteDance, have worked diligently over the past six months to meet the compliance requirements of the European Union’s landmark Digital Markets Act (DMA), which will take effect on Thursday. The DMA is hailed as one of the most comprehensive regulatory initiatives aimed at reining in “Big Tech,” poised to reshape the global technology industry.

The DMA encompasses a range of regulations targeting online platforms and underlying technological infrastructures, reflecting a significant shift in the regulatory landscape for large technology companies. Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Meta, and ByteDance have undergone extensive overhauls and engineering adjustments to align with the new regulatory framework.

Apple emerges as one of the most affected companies by the EU Digital Markets Act, compelling the iPhone manufacturer to open up its closed ecosystem, allowing software developers to distribute their apps within the European Union independently of Apple’s App Store.

However, Apple’s introduction of new fees, including a “core technology fee” of 50 euro cents per user account annually, has drawn attention from EU antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager. The European Commission imposed a 1.84 billion euro ($2 billion) fine on Apple for impeding Spotify from displaying alternative payment options outside its App Store, a decision Apple plans to appeal.

With eight core platform services subject to the EU Digital Markets Act, Google faces potential scrutiny despite extensive compliance efforts. The company’s mandatory overhaul of search results may increase prominence for aggregators like and Expedia, causing tensions with hotels, airlines, and restaurants concerned about potential revenue losses. Meta could also attract regulatory attention by announcing that Instagram and Facebook users will be asked for data-sharing consent between its services.

Microsoft, Amazon, and ByteDance might face less immediate scrutiny as EU regulators prioritize specific cases to ensure robust legal challenges. Some of the six big companies have reportedly expressed concerns to the European Commission, emphasizing the need for a level playing field under the DMA rules.

If any of the six tech giants fail to achieve compliance with the EU Digital Markets Act by the Thursday deadline, they could face investigations and potential fines of up to 10% of their global turnover. Unlike traditional EU antitrust investigations, the DMA enforcement process has a one-year timeline for issuing findings, signaling a more expeditious regulatory approach.

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