US Department of Justice and 15 States Sued Apple for Alleged Monopolistic Practices

US Department of Justice and 15 States Sued Apple for Alleged Monopolistic Practices

Key Points:

  • The U.S. Department of Justice and 15 states sued Apple Inc. for alleged monopolistic practices in the smartphone market.
  • The lawsuit accuses Apple of inflating prices, stifling competition, and imposing fees on business partners.
  • Apple denies allegations, but the government seeks changes to dismantle its business model and increase competition.
  • The lawsuit follows antitrust probes and legal challenges Apple faces in other jurisdictions, including Europe.

The U.S. Department of Justice and 15 states have filed a lawsuit against Apple Inc. as the government intensifies its crackdown on Big Tech. The lawsuit alleges that Apple has monopolized the smartphone market, stifled competition, and inflated prices to the detriment of consumers.

Attorney General Merrick Garland emphasized the importance of challenging monopolistic practices that lead to higher consumer prices. The lawsuit contends that Apple’s business model, which involves charging premium prices and exerting tight control over its products, has contributed to its dominance in the market.

According to the Justice Department, Apple’s pricing strategies, including charging up to $1,599 for an iPhone, have resulted in higher profits than its competitors. Moreover, Apple allegedly imposes fees on various business partners, ultimately raising consumer prices and bolstering its profits.

The lawsuit seeks to compel Apple to offer consumers more choices and to dismantle its business model. Apple’s shares fell by 4.1% following the announcement of the lawsuit. Apple has denied the allegations, stating that the lawsuit threatens its ability to innovate and deliver high-quality products. However, the White House has expressed support for robust antitrust law enforcement.

The Justice Department aims to bring about changes at Apple, including structural reforms or downsizing. The lawsuit alleges that Apple has impeded competition in the smartphone market by suppressing technologies that could challenge its dominance. Specifically, the U.S. accuses Apple of hindering the development of competing messaging apps, smartwatches, and digital wallets.

The Justice Department referenced internal emails from Steve Jobs, indicating Apple’s efforts to maintain its market control. However, the specifics of the changes sought by the government remain unclear.

Apple has faced antitrust scrutiny and legal challenges in various jurisdictions, including Europe, Japan, and Korea. In Europe, new regulations have dismantled Apple’s App Store model, prompting criticism from rivals such as Spotify and Epic Games. In addition to the lawsuit in the U.S., Apple, Meta Platforms, and Alphabet’s Google are under investigation in the European Union for potential violations of the Digital Markets Act.

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