US President Biden to Issue Executive Order Protecting Americans’ Sensitive Data

US President Biden to Issue Executive Order Protecting Americans' Sensitive Data

Key Points:

  • President Biden’s Executive Order aims to protect Americans’ sensitive personal data from exploitation by countries of concern.
  • The Order authorizes the Attorney General to prevent large-scale data transfers and establishes regulations for data protection.
  • Government departments will collaborate to safeguard sensitive government-related data and set high-security standards.
  • President Biden urges Congress to pass comprehensive bipartisan privacy legislation, especially for the safety of children online.

U.S. President Joe Biden is set to issue an Executive Order today to safeguard Americans’ sensitive personal data from exploitation by countries of concern. This executive action marks a significant move to enhance data security and prevent large-scale personal information transfers that could compromise privacy and national security.

The Executive Order considered the most substantial in history, empowers the Attorney General to prevent the extensive transfer of Americans’ data to countries of concern. It specifically targets sensitive data types, including genomic, biometric, personal health, geolocation, financial, and certain personally identifiable information.

Concerns about the misuse of such data by bad actors, including foreign intelligence services, militaries, and data brokers, have prompted this action. Exploitation of Americans’ data can lead to intrusive surveillance, scams, blackmail, and other privacy violations, posing significant risks to individuals, especially those in the military or national security community.

The Executive Order directs various government departments to establish regulations ensuring clear protections for Americans’ sensitive personal data. These regulations will prevent the large-scale transfer of data to countries of concern, safeguard sensitive government-related data, and set high-security standards to prevent access through commercial means.

Furthermore, the Executive Order calls for collaboration among government agencies to ensure that federal grants, contracts, and awards do not facilitate access to sensitive health data by countries of concern to Americans. It also tasks the Committee for the Assessment of Foreign Participation in the United States Telecommunications Services Sector to consider threats to Americans’ data in its reviews of submarine cable licenses.

Importantly, these actions aim to protect data while preserving the flow of information necessary for financial services activities and maintaining substantial consumer, economic, scientific, and trade relationships with other countries. They align with the U.S.’ commitment to the trusted free flow of data and preserving privacy rights while upholding governments’ abilities to enforce laws and policies in the public interest.

President Biden emphasizes the need for comprehensive bipartisan privacy legislation and urges Congress to pass such legislation, particularly to protect the safety of children in the digital age.

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