Samsung Unveils the Enhanced “Bespoke AI Family Hub” Refrigerator for 2024

Samsung Unveils the Enhanced Bespoke AI Family Hub Refrigerator for 2024

Key Points

  • Samsung launches the 2024 “Bespoke AI Family Hub” refrigerator. Expanded storage capacity of 861 liters, up by 19 liters.
  • A new long vegetable storage compartment allows easier production organization. UV Deodorizing Purifier sterilizes bacteria and removes odors.
  • AI Vision Inside uses an internal camera to track food items. A touch screen allows access to apps and smart home features.
  • It has a Grade 2 energy efficiency rating and can save up to 23% energy in AI Saving Mode Level 2, which can be activated through the SmartThings app.

Samsung Electronics Co. has launched the latest iteration of its “Bespoke AI Family Hub” refrigerator, introducing advanced AI capabilities to enhance everyday kitchen experiences. Building on the robust foundation of its premium predecessor, the new model maintains key AI and cooling features while significantly improving food storage options.

The exterior design remains consistent with earlier models, preserving its sleek and modern aesthetic. However, the 2024 version boasts an expanded storage capacity of 861 liters, an increase of 19 liters from the previous iteration. This additional space provides ample room for groceries, making organizing and storing more food items easier.

A notable feature in the new refrigerator is the “long vegetable storage compartment,” specifically designed to simplify the organization and preservation of vegetables. This compartment caters to those who prioritize fresh produce, ensuring vegetables remain easily accessible and fresh for longer periods.

The introduction of the “UV Deodorizing Purifier” further enhances hygiene and freshness. This powerful feature sterilizes bacteria and eliminates unpleasant odors inside the refrigerator, maintaining a clean and odor-free environment for food storage.

The 2024 Bespoke AI Family Hub is equipped with the innovative “AI Vision Inside” feature. This system utilizes an internal camera to recognize and catalog food items placed on and removed from the shelves automatically. This automation assists users in keeping track of their groceries and reduces food waste by alerting them to items that need to be consumed.

The refrigerator also serves as a smart home hub, with a touch screen on the right door providing access to various apps and smart home features. Users can enjoy Google Photos, Samsung TV Plus, and YouTube, among other applications, even while cooking, seamlessly integrating entertainment and convenience into their kitchen routine.

Energy efficiency is a significant aspect of the new model, which has achieved a Grade 2 energy efficiency rating. The refrigerator’s energy consumption can be further reduced by up to 23% when the AI Saving Mode Level 2 is activated through Samsung’s SmartThings app. This feature allows for more sustainable and cost-effective usage, appealing to eco-conscious consumers.

Samsung’s 2024 Bespoke AI Family Hub refrigerator combines cutting-edge AI technology with practical storage and energy efficiency enhancements, providing a sophisticated and user-friendly solution for modern kitchens.

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