The Pokemon Company to Address Alleged Intellectual Property Infringement in ‘Pokemon with Guns’ Game

The Pokemon Company to Address Alleged Intellectual Property Infringement in 'Pokemon with Guns' Game

The Pokemon Company has announced its intention to investigate and address any potential infringement of its intellectual property rights following the emergence of a viral game dubbed “Pokemon with guns.” Developed by PocketPair, the survival adventure game “Palworld” allows players to utilize firearms to capture and train adorable creatures called “pals.”

Since its release on Jan. 18, the game has garnered significant attention, selling over 8 million copies in early access on Steam and becoming available on Xbox platforms.

While “Palworld” has received praise from reviewers for its engaging gameplay, it has also sparked discussions regarding its perceived similarities to the beloved Pokemon series, known for its family-friendly content. Takuro Mizobe, CEO of PocketPair, addressed concerns about the game’s reception, stating, “We have received libellous comments about our artists and some tweets that seem close to death threats.”

In response to the growing scrutiny and allegations of infringement, the Pokemon Company released a statement confirming that it has received numerous inquiries regarding another company’s game released in January 2024. The statement asserts the company’s commitment to investigating the matter thoroughly and taking appropriate measures to address any violations of intellectual property rights related to the Pokemon franchise.

The Pokemon Company, established with investments from gaming giants Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures, holds a vested interest in safeguarding its iconic brand and ensuring that any use of its intellectual property adheres to legal guidelines. As such, it will closely examine the elements of “Palworld” to determine whether they constitute unauthorized use of Pokemon-related assets or concepts.

While PocketPair has not formally responded to the Pokemon Company’s statement, the company’s stance underscores the importance of respecting intellectual property rights in the gaming industry. As the investigation unfolds, stakeholders will keenly observe how both parties navigate the delicate balance between innovation and protection of creative works in the digital entertainment landscape.

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