TSMC’s Arizona Subsidiary Secures Up to $6.6 Billion in US Government Funding

TSMC's Arizona Subsidiary Secures Up to $6.6 Billion in US Government Funding

Key Points:

  • The Biden administration announces up to $6.6 billion in government funding for TSMC’s Arizona subsidiary to support semiconductor expansion.
  • The funding is part of the U.S. CHIPS and Science Act and aims to bolster TSMC’s $65 billion investment in fabrication plants in Phoenix.
  • TSMC’s Arizona venture is lauded as the largest foreign investment in the state’s history and a testament to U.S. chip leadership efforts.
  • TSMC’s expansion initiative is poised to meet the demand for advanced logic chips, benefiting clients like Apple and Advanced Micro Devices.

The Biden administration unveiled a groundbreaking preliminary agreement on Monday, signaling up to $6.6 billion in government funding for Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.’s (TSMC) Arizona subsidiary. Under the U.S. CHIPS and Science Act, this substantial financial support bolsters TSMC’s $65 billion investment in three state-of-the-art fabrication plants in Phoenix.

The nonbinding agreement outlines the injection of funds to propel TSMC’s semiconductor expansion efforts in the United States, with an additional $5 billion in proposed loans under the CHIPS Act. U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo hailed the agreement as a monumental milestone, emphasizing that the collaboration with TSMC will usher in the localization of cutting-edge chip manufacturing on American soil.

Raimondo highlighted the funding’s multifaceted impact, including a $50 million allocation for training and developing local talent in Arizona. With TSMC Arizona already generating over 25,000 jobs and attracting 14 semiconductor suppliers to the state, the initiative promises to fortify the region’s economic landscape while fostering innovation in the semiconductor sector.

Enacted in August 2022, the CHIPS Act represents a pivotal effort to bolster the domestic semiconductor industry, positioning the United States for economic growth and enhancing national security. The legislation incentivizes companies to establish chip production facilities within the country, with stipulations aimed at mitigating risks associated with semiconductor manufacturing operations in certain foreign nations, notably China.

Raimondo commended TSMC’s strategic investment in Arizona as a testament to the Biden administration’s commitment to fostering chip leadership and collaboration with Congress. TSMC’s global prominence in semiconductor fabrication and its ambitious Arizona venture underscores the pivotal role of public-private partnerships in advancing technological innovation and economic resilience.

As the leading player in semiconductor fabrication, TSMC is poised to leverage its Arizona factories to meet the burgeoning demand for advanced logic chips, particularly in emerging technologies like artificial intelligence. With major clients, including industry giants like Apple and Advanced Micro Devices, TSMC’s expansion initiative holds significant implications for the broader tech ecosystem.

Beyond TSMC, other industry players, including GlobalFoundries, Microchip, BAE Systems, and Intel, have also benefited from funding under the CHIPS Act. Intel, in particular, received substantial indirect funding and loans totaling up to $19.5 billion, further underscoring the government’s commitment to revitalizing the semiconductor landscape and bolstering American competitiveness in critical technology sectors.

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