Boeing Faces Potential Delivery Delays Due to Quality Issue on 737 Max Fuselages

Boeing Faces Potential Delivery Delays Due to Quality Issue on 737 Max Fuselages

Boeing announced on Sunday that it would need to undertake additional work on approximately 50 undelivered 737 Max airplanes, which could potentially delay near-term deliveries. This decision came after its supplier, Spirit AeroSystems, identified two mis-drilled holes on some fuselages.

The revelation of the mis-drilled holes was confirmed by Boeing in response to inquiries from Reuters, following reports from industry sources about a spacing problem discovered in holes drilled on a window frame. Despite the issue, Boeing emphasized that safety was not compromised and existing 737s could continue to operate safely.

In a letter to staff, Boeing Commercial Airplanes CEO Stan Deal expressed gratitude to an employee at the supplier who flagged the potential non-conformance. Deal clarified that while the condition did not pose an immediate flight safety risk, rework would be necessary for about 50 undelivered airplanes.

The inspections primarily focus on positioning two holes on a window frame assembly supplied by Spirit, known as “short edge margin,” according to industry sources. As of Friday, the quality defect had been detected in 22 fuselages out of 47 inspected units across Boeing and Spirit’s production systems. Additionally, there is a possibility that some 737s currently in service may also be affected.

The rapid identification of the issue indicates swift action taken during the inspections, and it appears that the problem affects only a minority of the fuselages in the production pipeline. The findings were disclosed through a routine notification called a Notice of Escapement, through which suppliers inform Boeing of any known or suspected quality discrepancies.

A Spirit AeroSystems spokesperson said, “As part of our 360-degree quality management program, a member of our team identified an issue that does not conform to engineering standards.”

While such quality reports are common in aerospace manufacturing, the timing of this discovery adds to the scrutiny faced by Boeing and its 737 Max aircraft, particularly following the mid-air blowout of a door plug on an Alaska Airlines jet earlier this year.

Boeing reassured stakeholders that it is addressing the issue promptly and diligently to ensure its aircraft’s continued safety and quality as it navigates through this challenge.

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