Genesis Unveils GV70 Facelift with Enhanced Design and New Sport Package

Genesis Unveils GV70 Facelift with Enhanced Design and New Sport Package

Key Points:

  • Genesis unveils facelifted GV70 luxury midsize SUV, marking its first redesign since its launch in December 2020.
  • The GV70 has sold over 200,000 units worldwide and surpassed competitors in the South Korean market.
  • Refined exterior details include a new grille design, advanced headlamp technology, and enhanced front and rear bumpers.
  • Genesis introduces the GV70 Sport package, offering enhanced driving dynamics and distinctive design elements.

Genesis, Hyundai Motor Co.’s premium brand, has introduced the GV70 facelift, marking the luxury midsize SUV’s first redesign since its debut in December 2020. The unveiling comes as Hyundai aims to solidify its dominance in the luxury SUV segment, with plans to launch the updated model next month in South Korea.

Since its launch, the GV70 has emerged as one of Genesis’s best-selling models, surpassing 200,000 units sold worldwide. In its home market of South Korea, the GV70 has outperformed most imported luxury midsize SUVs, with Hyundai selling 34,474 units last year, according to data from the Korea Automobile & Mobility Association.

The GV70 facelift introduces refined details to enhance its exterior design. Notable upgrades include the dual-weave mesh radiator grille, the G-Matrix Crest Grille, and advanced microlens array technology for the iconic two-line headlamps. The front bumper has been redesigned with a skid plate for a wider and more robust appearance, complemented by horizontally expanded air ducts and 19-inch dark hyper-silver wheels.

In the rear, the turn signals have been relocated to the rear combination lamps to align with the front two-line concept, improving visibility for other vehicles. Additionally, a module integrating a digital center mirror and built-in camera has been added to the rear spoiler, enhancing functionality.

Inside, the GV70 facelift features a 27-inch organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display that integrates the cluster and infotainment system in a single horizontal layout. Mood lamps have also been extended from the upper door trim to the center fascia, enhancing the interior ambiance.

Genesis has also introduced a new GV70 Sport package to maximize driving enjoyment. The Sport package boasts a double-layered G-Matrix Crest Grille, enlarged air intakes, and newly designed 21-inch dark metallic wheels with engraved black lines for a more athletic stance. The rear of the Sport package model features a dark chrome diffuser and exclusive muffler tips. 

The GV70 facelift and Sport package represent Genesis’s commitment to offering refined design and enhanced driving dynamics in the luxury SUV market.

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