SpaceX Introduces Standalone Starlink Mini for US Customers

SpaceX Unveils Portable Starlink Mini Kit for On-the-Go Satellite Internet Access

Key Points:

  • Starlink Mini can now be purchased without a residential subscription, offering US customers a compact, portable internet solution.
  • Two main plans are available: the mobile regional plan ($150/month with unlimited data) and the Mini Roam plan ($50/month with 50GB data).
  • The Mini Roam plan supports in-motion use on land; the mobile regional plan is limited to speeds below 10mph. The Starlink Mini kit costs $599.
  • It is ideal for frequent travelers and users needing portable internet access. The dish includes a built-in router, minimizing the equipment.

SpaceX has expanded the availability of its Starlink Mini, offering a compact, portable internet solution for US customers without requiring a residential subscription. Initially introduced to select users in late June, the Starlink Mini is a small, backpack-friendly dish for easy transportation and mobility.

Previously, users needed a $150 standard service plan to access the Mini Roam service for an additional $30 monthly. However, its roaming service can now obtain the Starlink Mini independently.

The Starlink Mini offers two main service plans: the mobile regional and Mini Roam. The mobile regional plan, costing $150 per month, provides unlimited data, making it ideal for those living in RVs or frequently traveling to remote locations for extended periods. On the other hand, the Mini Roam plan is available for $50 per month and offers 50GB of data, which is sufficient for occasional travelers or those who do not live on the road full-time.

One key feature of the Mini Roam plan is its ability to be used in motion. The mobile regional plan, however, has limitations on in-motion use, only functioning effectively at speeds below 10mph. Users can add data for in-motion use on a per-GB basis if needed.

As with other Starlink terminals, purchasing the Starlink Mini requires an upfront payment. The kit, priced at $599, includes a kickstand, a pipe adapter, a power supply, and a cord with a USB-C connector on one end and a barrel jack on the other. The kit does not include a Wi-Fi router, as the dish has an integrated router, reducing the number of components users need to carry.

This new offering from SpaceX aims to provide greater flexibility and accessibility to its satellite internet service, catering to various user needs, from full-time RV dwellers to occasional travelers. The Starlink Mini’s compact size and portability, combined with its robust service plans, position it as a versatile solution for maintaining connectivity in remote and mobile scenarios.

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