Huawei Reportedly Developing World’s First Triple-Foldable Smartphone to Challenge Samsung

Huawei Reportedly Developing World's First Triple-Foldable Smartphone to Challenge Samsung

Key Points:

  • Huawei’s triple-foldable smartphone features three display panels and innovative hinge technologies.
  • Samsung is also exploring foldable innovations, including a potential triple-folding device.
  • Speculation suggests Huawei may launch its device in China before Samsung’s global release.
  • Competition between Huawei and Samsung drives innovation in the foldable phone market, benefiting consumers.

Chinese tech giant Huawei Technologies is reportedly gearing up to launch the world’s first triple-foldable smartphone in the second quarter, aiming to rival Samsung Electronics’ dominance in the foldable phone market.

According to reports, Huawei has commenced the development of a triple-foldable phone featuring three display panels and two sets of hinge technologies. The device is expected to adopt an S- or Z-shaped form factor, potentially offering a wider screen than foldable phones. While Huawei has not officially commented on the rumors, speculation suggests that the triple-foldable phone could redefine the role of tablets in the future.

Samsung Electronics, a leader in the foldable smartphone market, has also been exploring similar developments. Last year, it filed a patent for a Galaxy Fold with a dual hinge and triple-screen framework, signaling its readiness to innovate in foldable devices. At CES 2024, Samsung Display showcased its latest foldable technology, “Flex In and Out Flip,” featuring a flip phone design with a unique in-and-out foldable mechanism.

Rumors hint that Samsung may introduce a triple-folding device this year to compete with Huawei’s anticipated launch.
Industry sources speculate that Huawei will likely unveil its triple-foldable phone in China before Samsung releases a similar device globally. However, some industry watchers express skepticism about the commercial debut of triple-foldable phones, citing the ongoing development stage and the need for enhanced durability and usability.

While the “world’s first” triple-foldable phone race intensifies between Huawei and Samsung, the focus remains on creating more durable devices with improved functionality. The emergence of triple-foldable smartphones signifies a significant evolution in the foldable phone market, attracting the attention of consumers and industry players.

As Huawei and Samsung continue to innovate in this space, the competition is expected to drive further advancements in foldable device technology, benefiting consumers with more options and cutting-edge features.

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