LG and Stephanie Dinkins Unveil AI-Integrated Art Exhibition at Guggenheim Museum

LG and Stephanie Dinkins Unveil AI-Integrated Art Exhibition at Guggenheim Museum

LG Electronics Inc. and acclaimed AI artist Stephanie Dinkins collaborated to present a groundbreaking exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, showcasing the intersection of art and technology. The “Late Shift x Stephanie Dinkins” exhibition featured three new artworks by Dinkins, exploring themes of communication and empathy between humans and AI technology, all displayed on LG’s cutting-edge OLED TVs.

Dinkins, recognized for her innovative use of AI, AR, and VR technologies in art, displayed her works on six LG OLED TV screens, including the impressive 97-inch OLED evo TV and transparent OLED signage. Visitors engaged with the artworks by sharing their thoughts on the “Stories We Tell Machines” theme through microphones, with AI responses displayed on the OLED screens.

LG official stated, “The LG OLED evo this year is equipped with the exclusive OLED AI video and audio engine, the “Alpha 11 Processor,” which takes into account the creator’s intended atmosphere and emotions to enhance AI performance in color correction and other aspects of video production.”

The collaboration between LG and Dinkins exemplifies the synergy between artistry and technology, pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation. The exhibition marks the culmination of the LG Guggenheim Art and Technology Initiative, a partnership between LG Corp., LG Electronics, LG Display, and the Guggenheim Museum. As part of this initiative, Dinkins was awarded the inaugural LG Guggenheim Award, recognizing her contributions to contemporary art and technology.

LG Group expressed its commitment to fostering creativity and supporting artists who bring unique perspectives to the forefront. Through ongoing partnerships and initiatives like the LG Guggenheim Award, LG aims to continue promoting meaningful activities that resonate with society.

Looking ahead, LG and the Guggenheim Museum plan to announce the second winner of the LG Guggenheim Award, continuing their support for innovative artists. Additionally, LG Electronics will sponsor curators at the Guggenheim Museum, furthering research and exploration in digital technology-based art.

The collaboration between LG and Stephanie Dinkins represents a fusion of art and technology, demonstrating the potential for creativity and innovation in the digital age. As the boundaries between art and technology continue to blur, exhibitions like “Late Shift x Stephanie Dinkins” pave the way for new possibilities in artistic expression and human-machine interaction.

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