LG Electronics Unveils Upgraded OLED TV with Enhanced Empathetic AI Features

LG Electronics Unveils Upgraded OLED TV with Enhanced Empathetic AI Features

Key Points:

  • LG Electronics introduces an upgraded OLED TV model with enhanced AI solutions as empathy intelligence for its customers.
  • AI processor Alpha 11 offers four times faster performance, real-time image analysis, and personalized user experiences.
  • Features like Voice ID and Picture Wizard provide personalized content recommendations and picture quality adjustments.
  • Improved sound quality enhances the viewing experience. AI chatbot assistance allows users to troubleshoot operational issues effortlessly.

LG Electronics Inc., renowned as the world’s top producer of OLED TVs, has redefined artificial intelligence (AI) as empathy intelligence for its customers. On Wednesday, the South Korean electronics giant introduced its latest OLED TV model, featuring upgraded AI solutions to provide users with a more empathetic and personalized experience. The 2024 model of the OLED evo TV boasts improved picture and sound quality alongside significantly faster data processing compared to its predecessor.

During a media day held at LG Science Park in Seoul, the company showcased the cutting-edge technologies integrated into the new TV model and allowed attendees to experience its features firsthand. The highlight of the latest model is the inclusion of the Alpha 11 AI processor, which enhances AI performance by four times compared to the previous Alpha 9 processor.

The Alpha 11 processor brings significant advancements, including real-time image analysis to enhance the three-dimensional effect and faster data and graphics processing. Features like “Voice ID” and “Picture Wizard” also leverage machine learning capabilities to recognize user preferences and provide customized content recommendations and picture quality adjustments.

With Voice ID, the TV can recognize up to 10 voices and differentiate between multiple foreign languages and accents. Users can personalize their experience by registering their voice and preferred image quality settings. In response to user commands, such as “Play something fun,” the TV recommends relevant content tailored to the user’s preferences and adjusts the picture quality accordingly.

Furthermore, the TV’s sound quality has been significantly enhanced using up-mixing technology to deliver immersive stereo sound akin to a movie theater experience. In operational issues, users can command the AI chatbot with “help,” eliminating the need to contact customer service directly.

Jung Jae-Chul, Senior Vice President and Head of the Home Entertainment R&D Division at LG Electronics emphasized the company’s commitment to addressing customer pain points and enhancing their quality of life through empathetic intelligence. He highlighted LG’s dedication to continuously improving the TV viewing experience and providing innovative solutions for customers.

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