Sonos Set to Launch Upgraded Roam Speaker and New App for Portable Devices

Sonos Set to Launch Upgraded Roam Speaker and New App for Portable Devices

Key Points:

  • Sonos is preparing to launch an upgraded version of its Roam wireless speaker in June. The upgrade aims to address Bluetooth issues in the old model.
  • Sonos will introduce a dedicated app tailored for its portable speakers, including support for rumored high-end headphones.
  • Compatibility with Move 1, 2, and the first-generation Roam may be delayed due to software refinement challenges.
  • Sonos’ roadmap includes plans for a TV set-top box and updated versions of popular products like the Sub, Era 100, and Sonos Arc soundbar.

Sonos is gearing up to unveil the successor to its Roam wireless speaker, address Bluetooth issues, and introduce a dedicated app for its portable devices. According to Bloomberg’s Power On with Mark Gurman newsletter, the revamped Roam speaker is scheduled for release in June alongside a companion app tailored specifically for Sonos’ portable speakers.

The upcoming Roam speaker aims to rectify Bluetooth-related issues that users encountered with its predecessor. Gurman also notes that the new app will extend support to Sonos’ rumored high-end headphones, which are anticipated to debut alongside the Roam successor.

However, users awaiting compatibility with Move 1, Move 2, and the first-generation Roam may face a delay as Sonos reportedly grapples with software refinement challenges.

While the original Roam received praise for its performance, it was not without flaws. Reviewers highlighted limitations such as the inability to pair speakers in stereo mode over Bluetooth. Additionally, concerns were raised regarding the battery’s long-term durability, prompting Sonos to address these shortcomings in the upgraded version.

The new Roam speaker is expected to feature top-side touch controls akin to the Era 100 and 300 speakers, enhancing user accessibility and convenience.

Beyond the Roam upgrade, Sonos’ roadmap reportedly includes plans for a TV set-top box and refreshed iterations of popular products like the Sub, Era 100, and Sonos Arc soundbar. These efforts align with Sonos’ strategy to bolster its hardware revenue and maintain its position in the competitive audio market.

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