Starlink Offers a 50% Discount in Exchange for Slower Speeds in New Zealand

Starlink Offers a 50% Discount in Exchange for Slower Speeds in New Zealand

Key Points:

  • SpaceX introduces a “Deprioritized Plan” for Starlink in New Zealand with a 50% discount.
  • Users opting for the Deprioritized plan experience slightly slower speeds ranging from 50-100Mbps.
  • The standard plan costs NZ$159 (US$98) monthly, while the Deprioritized plan is offered at NZ$79 (US$48).
  • The standard service will be prioritized during peak hours, with speeds ranging from 150-250Mbps, resulting in lower speeds for Deprioritized users.

SpaceX is rolling out a new offering for Starlink customers in New Zealand, allowing them to opt for a “Deprioritized Plan” at a 50% discounted rate in exchange for slightly slower internet speeds. The new plan, spotted by a Reddit user, is designed to provide users with an affordable alternative while prioritizing standard service during peak hours.

Under the Deprioritized plan, residential customers in New Zealand can pay NZ$79 (US$48) per month, half the cost of the standard NZ$159 (US$98) plan. This discounted option, however, comes with a trade-off as users can expect speeds ranging from 50-100Mbps, compared to the 150-250Mbps offered by the standard service plan.

SpaceX clarifies that the Deprioritized service has no data or speed caps, but during peak hours, standard service will be prioritized, resulting in lower speeds for users on the Deprioritized plan. This move indicates that SpaceX may have surplus capacity in New Zealand, as the country boasts some of the fastest download speeds, averaging between 158Mbps and 266Mbps.

While the Deprioritized plan is currently introduced in New Zealand, it remains uncertain if SpaceX will extend this offering to other regions, including North America. In the US, SpaceX has been cautious about discounting Starlink services, focusing on providing the latest hardware, such as the exclusive V4 dish, to American consumers.

SpaceX has been actively tailoring its offerings to different markets, often introducing deals and discounts in regions with lower demand. In addition to the Deprioritized plan, New Zealand consumers can purchase refurbished Starlink dishes at half their original price, providing more options for cost-conscious users.

As Starlink continues to expand its global presence, SpaceX’s strategy includes adapting pricing and plans to suit the specific needs and demands of different regions. While offering discounted plans in some markets, the company emphasizes delivering improved hardware and services to its US customer base.

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