The Highly Anticipated AI Device Set, Rabbit R1 to Ship to Customers Soon

The Highly Anticipated AI Device Set, Rabbit R1 to Ship to Customers Soon

Key Points:

  • Rabbit R1, known for its bright orange design, the first batch of US pre-orders will ship out on March 31, with estimated delivery around April 24.
  • Rabbit is hosting a pickup party in New York City on April 23, open to all buyers, to celebrate the device’s release.
  • The Rabbit R1 offers a unique AI experience to complement smartphones powered by Perplexity’s LLM.
  • Co-designed by Teenage Engineering, the device features a physical scroll wheel, a rotating camera, and an animated bunny mascot.

The Rabbit R1, with its striking bright orange design, has captured the attention of tech enthusiasts as one of the most memorable devices to debut this year. Expectations are high for those fortunate enough to secure an order before the initial batch sells out as Rabbit announces the shipment details.

The company states that the first batch of US pre-orders will ship out on March 31, coinciding with Easter Sunday. At the same time, eager customers will have to wait a few weeks for delivery; Rabbit estimates that orders will reach their destinations around April 24.

The excitement surrounding the Rabbit R1 is further heightened by an upcoming pickup party hosted by Rabbit in New York City on April 23. Notably, the event is open to all buyers, not just those in the first batch. Rabbit plans to provide additional details regarding the party and initial deliveries in the coming week, adding to the anticipation surrounding the device’s release.

The Rabbit R1 has garnered attention for its unique features and capabilities, showcased through a demo that coincided with CES. Positioned as a versatile AI assistant, the Rabbit R1 boasts functionality that aims to complement smartphones rather than compete with them. Powered by San Francisco startup Perplexity’s LLM, the device offers users a more practical AI experience enhanced by innovative design elements.

Collaborating with Teenage Engineering, the Rabbit R1 showcases a physical scroll wheel and a rotating camera, distinguishing it from traditional AI devices. Additionally, its charming animated bunny mascot adds a playful touch to the user experience, enhancing its appeal.

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