YouTube Studio’s New Erase Song Tool to Silence Copyrighted Music Without Affecting Other Audio

YouTube Studio's New Erase Song Tool to Silence Copyrighted Music Without Affecting Other Audio

Key Points:

  • YouTube Studio is updating its “Erase Song” tool to better manage copyrighted music without affecting other audio.
  • The tool now features an AI-powered algorithm for more precise identification and removal of copyrighted content.
  • Creators can choose to “Erase song” or “Mute all sound” in claimed segments, preserving non-infringing audio.
  • The updated tool will roll out on YouTube Studio in the coming weeks.

YouTube Studio is set to introduce an updated “Erase Song” tool, allowing content creators to silence copyrighted music in their videos without affecting other audio components. YouTube CEO Neal Mohan announced this enhancement in a recent post on X as part of YouTube’s ongoing efforts to help creators manage copyright claims more effectively.

Traditionally, YouTube creators faced limited options when dealing with copyright complaints on their videos. They could trim the video, mute all audio, or replace the copyrighted song with a different track. While the Erase Song tool has been available in beta, it wasn’t as precise as YouTube had hoped. The company has implemented a new AI-powered algorithm designed to identify and remove copyrighted content to address this more accurately.

With the updated tool, creators now have two primary options: “Erase song” and “Mute all sound.” To use the feature, creators can navigate to the video copyright summary page and click “Select Action” followed by “Erase song.” They can choose between erasing the song or muting all sounds in the claimed segments. Selecting “Mute all sound” will silence all audio within the copyrighted song section, whereas “Erase song” will remove only the song, preserving voiceovers and other audio elements.

This enhancement aims to give creators greater flexibility and control over their content. By removing only the copyrighted music, creators can maintain the integrity of their videos, ensuring that voiceovers, commentary, and other non-infringing audio remain intact.

However, YouTube cautions creators to be thorough when manually trimming clips to remove copyrighted material. Any remaining copyrighted content will result in the claim not being removed, preventing creators from monetizing their work. Creators must ensure that all copyrighted content is removed to avoid potential issues.

The updated Erase Song tool will be available on YouTube Studio desktop and YouTube Studio Mobile in the coming weeks. It will give creators a more efficient and accurate way to handle copyright claims.

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