AI Chatbot Game Helps Young Chinese Prepare for Lunar New Year Family Interrogations

AI Chatbot Game Helps Young Chinese Prepare for Lunar New Year Family Interrogations

As the Lunar New Year approaches, many young Chinese are bracing themselves for the annual ordeal of facing probing questions from nosy relatives during family gatherings. To assist in preparing for this dreaded social interaction, a group of students developed a game called “Epic Showdown: New Year Reunion” fe aturing an AI chatbot.

Within just a week of its release at the end of January, the game gained immense popularity, attracting over three million users before experiencing server crashes due to overwhelming demand.

The game simulates various scenarios where players encounter uncomfortable questions commonly asked by relatives during the Lunar New Year festivities. Questions such as inquiries about relationship status, marriage plans, and income are posed by virtual relatives, challenging players to navigate through the conversations tactfully.

Despite initial perceptions that the game was meant to mock relatives, its creators emphasize its potential for improving cross-generational communication and fostering understanding between family members.

With a cast of 10 virtual relatives, each with distinct personalities ranging from disapproving to caring, players must navigate through different levels to appease them before facing the final bosses: the parents. The game aims to provide a platform for young people to express themselves freely and alleviate pent-up grievances in a controlled environment.

Reviews from users highlight the immersive experience of interacting with the AI relatives, with some expressing surprise at how convincing the conversations are. For those unable to be with their families during the Lunar New Year, the game serves as a cathartic outlet, allowing them to express their thoughts and feelings in a safe space. Some users have even been moved to tears by the virtual interactions, finding solace in the substitute relatives.

The developers behind the game emphasize their intention to foster empathy and understanding among family members, bridging the gap between different generations. Overall, “Epic Showdown: New Year Reunion” demonstrates the potential of technology to facilitate meaningful connections and bridge cultural divides during traditional festivities.

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