Carnival UK Abandons “Fire-and-Rehire” Threat in Crew Negotiations

Carnival UK Abandons "Fire-and-Rehire" Threat in Crew Negotiations

Carnival UK has withdrawn the controversial “fire-and-rehire” strategy from negotiations involving over 900 crew members’ pay and conditions. The move followed urgent discussions between Carnival and the trade union Nautilus. In a joint statement, both parties confirmed abandoning the “fire-and-rehire” tactic, expressing a commitment to collaborating on a negotiated settlement.

The decision is seen as a positive step by Nautilus, indicating Carnival UK’s willingness to negotiate over proposed changes to the terms and conditions affecting the 919 crew members. Nautilus Executive Officer Martyn Gray emphasized the need for the UK government to outlaw “fire-and-rehire” practices, stating that while the withdrawal was positive, employers should never consider such tactics.

“Firing and rehiring” involves dismissing and re-engaging employees with altered terms and conditions. While not illegal in the UK, it is generally viewed as a last resort, requiring adherence to proper procedures. UK law mandates employers planning to make 20 or more staff redundant within 90 days to consult with staff and engage with trade union representatives.

On Thursday, Nautilus revealed that Carnival had considered the “fire-and-rehire” strategy to implement a reduction in working hours and pay for crew members on ten vessels, including iconic ships such as Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Mary 2. Carnival responded, denying any plans for a “fire-and-rehire” strategy and asserting that no redundancies were being made.

The joint statement on Friday clarified that there was “no intent to undertake steps towards dismissal and re-engagement.” It confirmed the rescinding of the HR1 form, which had sparked concerns about the potential use of the “fire-and-rehire” strategy.

While the immediate threat has been averted, discussions between Carnival UK and Nautilus will continue as they seek a negotiated resolution to the proposed crew terms and conditions changes. The controversy surrounding “fire-and-rehire” practices has prompted calls for legislative action to prevent the misuse of such strategies and protect workers’ rights.

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