Microsoft and Amazon Invest Billions in France’s Tech Industry

Microsoft and Amazon Invest Billions in France's Tech Industry

Key Points:

  • Microsoft commits 4 billion euros to expand cloud and AI infrastructure in France, with plans to bring advanced GPUs and train 1 million individuals in AI skills.
  • Amazon pledges 1.2 billion euros to create over 3,000 jobs in France and enhance its footprint in the country.
  • Combined investments from Microsoft and Amazon amount to $5.6 billion, reinforcing confidence in France’s tech industry.
  • French President Macron’s efforts to position France as an AI hub were boosted by significant foreign investments.

Microsoft and Amazon have announced significant investments in France, injecting billions of dollars into the country’s technology sector. Microsoft unveiled plans to commit 4 billion euros ($4.3 billion) towards expanding its cloud and AI infrastructure in France. This investment aims to bolster digital innovation and economic growth in the country. 

As part of its initiative, Microsoft intends to bring up to 25,000 advanced GPUs to France by 2025 and train 1 million individuals in AI skills by 2027. Additionally, the company plans to support 2,500 AI startups and open a new data center in Mulhouse.

Amazon also made a substantial commitment, pledging 1.2 billion euros to France. This investment will create over 3,000 jobs and expand Amazon’s presence in the country. Frederic Duval, Amazon’s country manager, highlighted the investment’s role in local economic development, job creation, and environmental sustainability through improved logistics operations.

Microsoft and Amazon’s combined investments total $5.6 billion, demonstrating their confidence in France’s tech ecosystem. The announcements were made during the “Choose France” summit, which aimed to attract foreign investment to the country.

French President Emmanuel Macron has promoted France as an artificial intelligence (AI) development hub. Paris already hosts major AI research centers, including Facebook’s AI lab, FAIR. Macron’s initiatives include significant funding commitments to support AI innovation and create new AI champions.

Microsoft’s investment comes amidst scrutiny over acquiring a stake in Mistral, an AI startup. The 15 million euro deal raised competition concerns, with Britain’s competition regulator seeking feedback. Microsoft has defended its partnership with Mistral, asserting its commitment to maintaining the startup’s independence.

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