Nokia and Dell Partnership to Advance Private 5G Networks and Cloud Integration

Nokia and Dell Partnership to Advance Private 5G Networks and Cloud Integration

Key Points:

  • Nokia and Dell collaborate to leverage Nokia’s telecom equipment expertise and Dell’s cloud infrastructure capabilities.
  • The transition of Nokia AirFrame to Dell PowerEdge servers to streamline network operations and enhance scalability.
  • Integrating Nokia’s Digital Automation Cloud with Dell’s NativeEdge software platform to advance open network architectures.
  • Joint research and development efforts are planned to drive innovation in enterprise connectivity solutions.

Nokia and Dell Technologies have announced a strategic partnership to facilitate the deployment of private 5G networks and enhance network adaptation to the cloud. In a joint statement released on Thursday, the companies outlined their collaborative efforts to meet the evolving needs of businesses in the telecom ecosystem.

The partnership aims to leverage Nokia’s expertise in telecom equipment and Dell’s capabilities in cloud infrastructure to offer tailored solutions for private 5G networks. Private 5G networks, typically owned, operated, or leased by individual organizations, are increasingly sought after for their potential to provide reliable and secure connectivity tailored to specific enterprise requirements.

As part of the collaboration, customers using Nokia AirFrame, the company’s cloud-focused data center business, will transition to Dell’s PowerEdge servers optimized for modern telecom network workloads. This migration is expected to streamline network operations and enhance scalability for customers adopting private 5G solutions.

Additionally, Nokia’s Digital Automation Cloud (NDAC) will be integrated with Dell’s NativeEdge software platform, establishing NDAC as Dell’s preferred private wireless platform for select enterprise customers. The integration aims to advance open network architectures and enable seamless connectivity across different vendor products, fostering interoperability and flexibility in network deployments.

Open network architecture, a key partnership focus, promotes compatibility between diverse products and technologies, facilitating interoperability and innovation in the telecom ecosystem. By collaborating on open standards and architectures, Nokia and Dell aim to accelerate the adoption of private 5G networks and drive innovation in enterprise connectivity solutions.

Nishant Batra, Nokia’s chief strategy and technology officer, emphasized the significance of the partnership in addressing the evolving demands on networks and enabling communications service providers to scale modern networks to the cloud.

The companies also announced plans to continue joint research and development efforts, including platform and application testing in the Dell Open Telecom Ecosystem Lab, further solidifying their commitment to advancing network technologies and solutions.

Overall, the partnership between Nokia and Dell represents a strategic alliance to unlock the potential of private 5G networks and cloud integration, offering businesses enhanced connectivity solutions tailored to their specific requirements.

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