Apple Warns Against Popular Internet Myth of Using Rice to Dry Out Wet iPhones

Apple Warns Against Popular Internet Myth of Using Rice to Dry Out Wet iPhones

Key Points:

  • Apple warns users against using rice to dry out wet iPhones, stating it could potentially damage the device.
  • The advice contradicts the popular internet myth that uncooked rice helps draw out liquid from electronics.
  • The caution is against rice, external heat sources, compressed air, and inserting foreign objects into the charging port.
  • Apple recommends waiting up to 24 hours for the drying process to complete and suggests contacting Apple support for potential repairs if issues persist.

Apple has warned users against the common practice of using rice to dry out wet iPhones, stating that it could potentially cause more harm to the device. Despite modern flagship smartphones, including the latest iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro series, featuring IP68-rated water and dust resistance, users may encounter issues with charging if liquid is detected in the charging port.

In Apple’s FAQ on the liquid-detection alert for iPhones, the company explicitly cautions against placing the device in a bag of rice. The explanation is that using this method might introduce small particles of rice that could damage the iPhone. This advice is surprising given that an IP68 rating implies dust-tight protection, including safeguards against small particles.

The concern, however, may revolve around the USB-C or Lightning port, where rice particles or dust might accumulate. Apple advises against using external heat sources, compressed air, or inserting foreign objects such as paper towels or cotton swabs into the charging port to dry the device.

If an iPhone gets wet and users cannot charge it via cable, Apple recommends gently tapping it with the connector facing down to remove excess liquid. Subsequently, users should allow the device to dry in an area with good airflow for at least 30 minutes before attempting to charge it again. If the liquid detection warning persists, Apple suggests waiting for a couple of hours or up to 24 hours for the drying process to complete.

If users encounter challenges, Apple recommends unplugging the cable and charger from the wall, reconnecting them, and, if necessary, reaching out to Apple support for potential repairs. The advice from Apple contradicts a widely circulated internet myth suggesting that uncooked rice could help draw out liquid and save wet phones.

Despite this popular belief, Apple’s support documents state, “Don’t put your iPhone in a bag of rice. Doing so could allow small particles of rice to damage your iPhone.” This clarification is part of Apple’s guidance on addressing the iPhone’s liquid detection alert, emphasizing alternative methods to dry the device safely without using rice.

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