Didi Global’s Self-Driving Unit Receives License for Mass Production of Robotaxis in China

Didi Global's Self-Driving Unit Receives License for Mass Production of Robotaxis in China

Key Points:

  • Didi Global’s joint venture with GAC Aion receives a business license for mass production of fully self-driving electric robotaxis in China.
  • The joint venture, named Andi, plans to introduce a crossover electric SUV as its inaugural model, with production scheduled to commence in 2025.
  • The Andi joint venture received substantial funding from investors, indicating confidence in Didi’s autonomous driving technology.
  • Tesla’s recent announcement of unveiling its robotaxi in August reflects broader industry trends towards the development of autonomous vehicles.

Chinese ride-hailing giant Didi Global announced a significant milestone for its self-driving unit, revealing that its joint venture with EV maker GAC Aion has been granted a business license. This marks a significant step forward, as it registers as the first joint venture in China authorized to mass-produce fully self-driving electric robotaxis.

The joint venture, named Andi and formed between DiDi Autonomous Driving and GAC Aion, unveiled plans to introduce a crossover electric sports utility vehicle (SUV) as its inaugural model. Production of the first batch is slated to commence in 2025, signaling a strategic move towards advancing autonomous driving technology in the region.

Zhang Xiong, Deputy General Manager of GAC Aion, emphasized the joint venture’s pioneering role in the autonomous driving industry. He highlighted Andi’s leadership in establishing an early L4 commercial route and pioneering the world’s first closed-loop business model for L4 development, integrating technology, smart manufacturing, and operations. While the company did not disclose the license’s issuing authority, this development underscores China’s growing momentum of autonomous driving initiatives.

The Andi joint venture, established in the previous year, received a significant boost with funding of approximately $149 million from investors, including GAC Group’s subsidiary GAC Capital Co. This injection of capital underscores investor confidence in Didi’s autonomous driving technology and its potential to revolutionize the transportation industry.

The announcement comes amid broader developments in the autonomous vehicle sector, with Tesla recently unveiling plans to launch its robotaxi in August. Tesla’s strategic shift from producing an inexpensive car towards developing self-driving robotaxis reflects the increasing focus on autonomous technology among industry leaders.

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