Eni’s Plenitude Adapts Electric Car Charging Prices and Subscriptions, Emphasizing Sustainability and Flexibility in Italy

Eni's Plenitude Adapts Electric Car Charging Prices and Subscriptions, Emphasizing Sustainability and Flexibility in Italy

Eni’s subsidiary, Plenitude, a pioneer in low-carbon energy solutions, is significantly adjusting its electric car charging pricing structure and subscription plans in Italy. This strategic move is aligned with their commitment to promoting sustainable mobility and enhancing consumer flexibility, as revealed by internal documents.

Plenitude, a key player in renewable energy generation and distribution, offers households and businesses electricity, gas, energy services, and electric vehicle (EV) power solutions. However, despite their strong efforts in advancing electric mobility, the EV business was still considered in a start-up phase, reflecting an adjusted loss of 24 million euros ($25.2 million) at the EBITDA level in the previous year.

Starting November 1, Plenitude is adjusting its pricing structure, increasing the lowest unit price for electricity, specifically for charging points at alternating current, to 0.65 euros per kilowatt-hour (kWh), up from the previous 0.60 euros per kWh. Simultaneously, unit prices for all direct current charging points will remain stable, ranging between 0.85 euros and 0.95 euros per kWh, dependent on charging speed.

Moreover, Plenitude is phasing out the old monthly subscription model, replacing it with innovative packages offering more flexibility and tailored discounts. The least expensive package provides subscribers a 20% discount on the unit electricity price in exchange for a monthly fee of 9.90 euros. A subscriber would need to purchase at least 80 kWh of electricity monthly to reap net savings after factoring in the fee. This new approach replaces the previous subscription, which allowed for a 33% discount on the unit power cost with a monthly payment of 20 euros, covering 50 kWh.

To encourage efficient use of charging infrastructure, Plenitude is also increasing penalties for customers who leave their vehicles parked at charging points after completing the battery replenishment process. These measures collectively reflect Plenitude’s commitment to adapting and evolving its services to ensure sustainability, affordability, and an enhanced customer experience in Italy’s electric mobility realm.

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