EU Launches Formal Investigation into TikTok’s Compliance with Digital Services Act

EU Launches Formal Investigation into TikTok's Compliance with Digital Services Act

Key Points:

  • TikTok faces scrutiny over potential risks associated with its platform design and content governance practices.
  • Penalties for confirmed breaches of the DSA rules could reach up to 6% of TikTok’s global annual turnover.
  • The investigation follows TikTok’s previous inquiries and operational adjustments in response to regulatory concerns.
  • TikTok pledges cooperation with the investigation while emphasizing its commitment to user safety.

The European Union (EU) has initiated a formal investigation into TikTok’s adherence to the bloc’s Digital Services Act (DSA), focusing on areas such as the protection of minors, advertising transparency, and data access for researchers. The investigation underscores the EU’s commitment to ensuring online safety and accountability, particularly in light of concerns over the potential risks posed by TikTok’s platform design and content governance practices.

The Digital Services Act, the EU’s framework for online governance and content moderation, now applies broadly to thousands of platforms and services. However, larger platforms like TikTok face additional requirements under the DSA rules, including algorithmic transparency and systemic risk management.

The European Commission, responsible for enforcing the DSA for larger platforms, will scrutinize TikTok’s compliance with these rules, with penalties for confirmed breaches potentially reaching up to 6% of the platform’s global annual turnover.

The investigation follows months of information gathering by the Commission, including requests for information from TikTok regarding child protection and disinformation risks. While concerns over TikTok’s content governance practices predate the Digital Services Act, the platform has made operational adjustments in response to previous investigations.

The Commission’s probe will examine TikTok’s approach to systemic risks, including potential negative effects of its platform design, such as behavioral addictions and exposure to harmful content. It will also assess the effectiveness of TikTok’s age verification tools and its provision of a searchable ad repository, as mandated by the Digital Services Act.

TikTok has emphasized its commitment to protecting users, particularly minors, and has pledged to cooperate with the Commission’s investigation. However, the EU’s EVP for Digital, Margrethe Vestager, stressed the need for thorough scrutiny to ensure the safety and well-being of online users in Europe.

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