Rolls-Royce Unveils Exquisite “Year of the Dragon” Bespoke Collection for 2024 Lunar New Year

Rolls-Royce Unveils Exquisite "Year of the Dragon" Bespoke Collection for 2024 Lunar New Year

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars marks the forthcoming Lunar New Year with the debut of its exclusive Year of the Dragon Bespoke Commissions, paying homage to 2024. This special collection comprises four meticulously crafted vehicles, a tribute to the brand’s first dragon-themed Phantom, released in 2012, which swiftly sold out in China within two months of its launch.

The 2024 bespoke collection features three extended versions of the Phantom and one Cullinan sport utility vehicle, each intricately adorned with design elements inspired by the revered dragon, symbolizing prosperity and good fortune in Chinese tradition.

Distinct color schemes grace each vehicle, accentuated by bespoke Phoenix Red coach lines adorned with a right-facing dragon motif, symbolizing the east and the dawn of a new day. The Cullinan SUV boasts a vibrant cherry red exterior, deeply symbolic in Chinese culture, representing joy and luck. Complementing this hue are gray exterior accents and wheel centers adorned with the iconic Rolls-Royce emblem in red.

The two Phantom models in the collection feature captivating two-tone color combinations. One model showcases a striking silver body with a red roof, while the other Phantom exudes elegance with a black exterior complemented by red accents tracing the car’s profile and highlighting the wheels.

The dragon theme continues inside the vehicles, with hand-painted red dragons adorning the dashboards. Intricate detailing includes Phoenix Red stitching on the headrests and rear Piano Black picnic tables, featuring stainless steel inlays of the Chinese zodiac calendar, prominently featuring the dragon symbol. The meticulous stitching process alone requires an estimated 20 hours of skilled labor, underscoring Rolls-Royce’s commitment to craftsmanship.

Even the renowned Starlight Headliner receives a dragon-inspired makeover, with a constellation of lights arranged to depict the silhouette of a dragon, offering passengers a semi-virtual experience akin to cruising under a celestial dragon.

Rolls-Royce’s presence in South Korea has seen remarkable growth, with sales nearly doubling over five years. In June last year, the brand launched its first all-electric vehicle, the Spectre, in South Korea, garnering the highest number of Asia-Pacific pre-orders.

With China emerging as the brand’s largest market in the region and the second-largest globally, accounting for 25% of global sales in 2022, Rolls-Royce continues to captivate enthusiasts with its luxurious and meticulously crafted offerings.

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