Samsung and Arm Collaborate to Pioneer AI-Centric Chips with Advanced GAA Processing

Samsung and Arm Collaborate to Pioneer AI-Centric Chips with Advanced GAA Processing

Key Points:

  • Samsung collaborates with Arm to optimize the Cortex-X CPU on its 3nm GAA processing technology.
  • The collaboration aims to develop a new class of SoCs with enhanced AI computing capabilities.
  • GAA technology offers superior design flexibility and scalability compared to traditional FinFET processes.
  • The partnership targets the reinvention of the 2nm GAA architecture for data center silicon and AI mobile computing.

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Samsung Electronics has joined forces with Arm Inc. to introduce Arm’s cutting-edge Cortex-X central processing unit (CPU) optimized on Samsung’s latest 3-nanometer gate-all-around (GAA) node. This strategic move is expected to accelerate the development of a new system-on-chips (SoCs) class with enhanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

Samsung’s announcement marks a significant milestone as it becomes the first to optimize Arm’s Cortex-X CPU with its 3nm GAA processing technology. This advancement will empower Samsung’s foundry customers to leverage Arm’s most advanced CPU to develop SoCs to bolster AI computing capabilities.

The synergy between Arm’s sophisticated chip architecture and Samsung’s GAA processing technology is poised to attract more fabless chipmakers to collaborate with Samsung Foundry.

GAA, Samsung’s latest chip processing technology, offers unparalleled design flexibility and scalability, ensuring superior power efficiency and performance compared to the traditional fin field-effect transistor (FinFET) process. The GAA technology is known for being a revolutionary development in the semiconductor industry and driving innovation in chip manufacturing.

Arm’s Cortex-X CPU, known for its versatility in applications ranging from mobile devices to servers and data centers, represents the pinnacle of the company’s chip intellectual property. This collaboration allows for reinventing the 2nm GAA architecture, targeting next-generation data center and infrastructure custom silicon, along with an AI chipset tailored for the evolving generative AI mobile computing market.

Samsung and Arm envision their partnership as pivotal in fostering next-generation chip innovations tailored to AI. As the demand for high-performance computing chips rises, particularly in supercomputers and computer clusters, both companies are vying to advance technology using the 3nm process node, known for its narrow circuitry that enhances transistor density, data speed, and power efficiency.

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