SK Telecom and Intel Pioneer Breakthrough Technology for Accelerating 6G Core Architecture

SK Telecom and Intel Pioneer Breakthrough Technology for Accelerating 6G Core Architecture

SK Telecom has unveiled a groundbreaking advancement in collaboration with Intel to revolutionize the evolution of 6G Core Architecture. The new technology, Inline Service Mesh, promises to significantly reduce communication delays within the core network, marking a notable milestone in the journey towards next-generation wireless connectivity.

At the heart of mobile communication lies the core network, the pivotal gateway for all voice and data traffic to access the internet network. As the demand for higher flexibility, safety, and AI-driven service quality grows, the 6G Core Architecture becomes imperative, necessitating innovative solutions to enhance communication efficiency and service delivery.

Traditional approaches struggle to cope with the escalating complexity of network systems, leading to increased communication delays. However, Inline Service Mesh, developed through collaborative efforts and leveraging Intel Xeon processors with built-in AI capabilities, offers a game-changing solution. By eliminating the need for proxies, this technology streamlines communication between unit functions within the Core network, resulting in a remarkable 70% reduction in latency and a 33% increase in service efficiency.

This breakthrough opens up new possibilities for integrating AI into the Core network, empowering SK Telecom to commercialize advanced technologies that optimize wireless resources and enhance real-time connectivity. Moreover, the collaboration between SKT and Intel underscores a decade-long commitment to driving innovation in key wired and wireless communication technologies.

Yu Takki, Vice President and Head of Infra Tech at SKT, said, “We have made another technical achievement through continuous technology development cooperation with Intel to secure leadership in 6G.” He added, “We will continue our research and make efforts to commercialize AI-based 6G Core Architecture.”

Dan Rodriguez, Corporate Vice President of Intel Network & Edge Solutions Group, said, “Our research and development efforts with SK Telecom continue to deliver innovations that have been deployed by Communications Service Providers worldwide.” He added, “By leveraging the latest Intel Xeon processors with built in AI features, our companies are able to drive both performance and efficiency improvements that will be vital to the future Core networks.”

As the telecommunications industry gears up for the 6G era, SK Telecom and Intel’s pioneering technology promises to reshape the landscape, driving innovation and unlocking new possibilities for enhanced connectivity and AI-driven services.

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